We’re glad that Susan enjoyed the service into our Main Hub in Miami; we’re hoping Collin enjoyed it, too. We don’t even have a pilot named Collin… but, we’ll take it. 🙂
We FINALLY got our banner up on VAFS!!! Special thanks to Viper “CurryBus” Dan.
LegacyAIR, respecting the environment: We’re going GREEN (well, BROWN-ish, anyway) by recycling the gas produced by ViperDan’s spicy dinners to find cleaner (if not stinkier) fuels to power Virtual Aviation’s future. LegacyAIR is proud to introduce “ViperDan’s Curry Bus”… powered SOLELY by the intensity of Curry Farts.
(By Dan S.)
The Pinnacle Manoeuvre, in a LegacyAIR Boeing CH-47.
See also: https://www.airspacemag.com/daily-planet/coming-extractions-46921426/?no-ist
(Pilot: Joe C.)
Thursday, 8 August, 2019, 0500 UTC (Midnight EDT): LegacyAIR (LUX) is #1-Ranked Airline,
having only just started operations nearly 3 months before!!!
Four of LegacyAIR‘s pilots (LUX0001-JC, LUX0440-MC, LUX1994-KP and LUX0618-ST)are in the Top-10 Pilots List.
Submitted by Susan Tice. Members who have been around with us for a while will appreciate this. It’s an advert for an online dating site. How the connection was made between dating and “penguins”, we don’t know but, the caption beneath this gem read:
“Beware of adults wearing penguin suits.”
Oh, what sage advice that is!!! How could they have known???